Material Classification & Testing:

JALITE PLC operates a total quality procedure satisfying the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 to continuously improve customer satisfaction and sustain the quality and integrity of JALITE photoluminescent materials.

JALITE photoluminescent materials are systematically tested for photoluminescent luminance decay properties according to the test procedure given in German Standard DIN 67510 Part 1. This method is also specified in BS ISO 17398 and BS ISO 16069.

Material Classification & Testing:

JALITE as founder member of the Photoluminescent Safety Products Association were heavily involved in setting the industry classification system which was formally adopted in the above ISO Standards. According to DIN 67510 the luminance at 10 minutes decay time and at 60 minutes decay time are used to form a brief description of the luminance decay performance. Giving the following notations for the classifications of DIN 67510 and BS ISO 17398:

Luminance Classifications / DIN 67510 Notation:

Class A    23/3
Class B    50/7
Class C   140/20
Class D   260/35

Luminance Classifications Full BS ISO 17398 Specification


Jalite also has the capability to perform luminance testing against many of the international requirements: DIN 67510, BS ISO 17398, BS ISO 3864-4, ASTM 2072, A752.18, BS ISO 15370, SANS 1186 1/5, NYC RS6-1, TEL 231 and many more. For further technical details and luminance properties under different light sources and illumination conditions please e-mail or contact us.

Material Composition

Jalite AAA is our benchmark quality photoluminescent material and is available in rigid PVC and self-adhesive vinyl forms, offering excellent initial brightness and longevity afterglow characteristics.

Jalite AAA is a C class photoluminescent material which is a proprietary PVC multi-layer composite, comprising of three components. A base reflective layer, a morphology controlled and uniform yellow/green photoluminescent crystal layer and an optically clear protection layer.

Developed to meet and exceed the demands of real life safety applications, highly efficient and receptive to modern lighting techniques maximising both initial brightness and longevity. Jalite AAA photoluminescent material incorporates revolutionary 3rd generation phosphorescent pigment technology and is accredited to satisfy the requirements of current safety and design specifications.


Jalite AAA materials are typically used for escape route signs, fire safety signs, evacuation plans, low location lighting systems, stair nosing, self-adhesive photoluminescent tapes and many more life safety applications.

Luminance results are measured in mcd/m2
N.B. All values at all decay times are evaluated from mean readings of standard production data.