Low Location Lighting System

The JALITE Low Proximity Escape Route Lighting System comprises a high tensile PVC unit that is simply fitted mechanically to the wall and skirting surface. Once in place, the JALITE photoluminescent material and appropriate signs are clipped into the PVC unit to complete the system.

Product information:

  • 4 x 2.5m lengths white gloss PVC profile.
  • 10 x 50mm visible width x 1m lengths of Jalite AAA photoluminescent rigid PVC.
  • 4 pairs of end caps.
  • 1 x 10 pack of decals (running man left).
  • 1 x 10 pack of decals (running man right).
Low Location Lighting
Low Location Lighting System

Guidance Lines

The boundaries of the escape path, and perimeter of landings and spaces in stairwells, and any horizontal corridors in the exit enclosure, should be marked with luminous guidance lines. 

JALITE solutions are easy to install, and have been widely used worldwide, with proven durability.

Code: 9064R

JALITE AAA rigid PVC strips with applied foam adhesive

Size: 1” x 1.2meters (10 pack) adhesive

Code: SBA9064

JALITE SB aluminium coated photoluminescent demarcation line

Size: 1” x 1.2meters (10 pack) Installed with construction adhesive – purchased separately