Tunnel Escape Route Signs

Jalite tunnel escape route signs utilise the very latest photoluminescent technology which energises in seconds under normal illumination conditions, with the added benefit of a high visibility yellow border engineered to give conspicuous identification in both normal and power loss situations. Protected by an easily cleaned polycarbonate top surface for improved durability in a tunnel environment.

Requiring no electrical connection the unique photoluminescent material stores ambient light, and in the event of an emergency blackout the material illuminates independently, displaying the clear and concise message to direct occupants to a place of safety.

Tunnel Escape Route Signs

Combining fire rated polycarbonate with Jalite C class photoluminescent technology has produced the definitive signing solution for tunnel safety wayguidance in an emergency.

Graphical symbols designed in accordance with EN ISO 7010 ensure comprehension and inform tunnel occupants to the nearest emergency exit.